How Did They Grow Up So Quick?

     Tonight I went to the mall with my youngest, to buy a birthday present for his girlfriend. Yes his girlfriend, how did this happen?  He is 14, will be 15 in just about 6 weeks. It seems that just the blink of an eye ago he was in Kindergarten. Now he is in 9th grade. Picking his Shop in Tech School. Strutting the Mall in his Carolina Boots, his new Patriots Hat and his well worn jeans. Looking like he is the King of the World.
     I sent him to get me something on the other side of Target, and when I finally caught up with him he was chatting with a group of girls. Just looking as cool as possible.
     We grabbed some dinner and the amount of food this skinny child can put away is mindblowing. Then onto Marshall’s so he cud get a black North Face Type Jacket. Mission accomplished!!!
     On the way home after our typical squabble over the radio station, him wanting the HEAT on Sirius/XM, and me wanting Hits 1. Finally the radio ended up on The Highway (Country Radio).
     Over the radio, I could hear him singing along to Florida Georgia Line, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, ZBB, Gloriana, etc. When I would look over at him he wud instantly stop singing, you know it isn’t cool to sing w your mom.
     I love that even when he presents his persona of “too cool for school”. He can still sing in the car with his mom. Oh and this mom has the WORST voice, and should only ever sing in the car or shower.🎼🎵🎶🎤🎤



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