It would be so nice to do the whole, “yes I know I am awake and alive, and the pain doesn’t matter stoic bit”  But I am human, and guess what the pain does matter. The physical pain in my hip that woke me out of a sound sleep at 3:21 am was jarring. Like someone was sticking a knife in the joint and twisting.
     I first moved the dog off the bed thinking if I could stretch my leg out that would help. Nope instant searing pain from hip to toe. Ouch, well that was the wrong decision.  Then I rolled to see if I could find a more comfortable position, nope that wasn’t gonna happen either.
     Thinking back on my week of shoe choices, Monday; Combat Boots..it was icy as all get out in New England. Tuesday; Docksiders with grippy rubber bottoms, and the same yesterday. No heels to aggravate the tendon that was causing such searing pain.
     I began to knead & massage the area to try n relieve the pain. Oh ouch holy hell pain balls. That makes it worse. My plan to swim at the YMCA this morning will either help or hurt like no ones business. But oh the time in the hot tub afterwards will be sweet and heavenly.
     I point my toes and flex my foot, that helps a little. Finally the dog isn’t looking at me like I am going to die.
     This pain in my hip has been an ongoing thing, partial dislocation is the diagnosis. Heels are not my friend, but I love them and I wear them at least 1 if not 2 days a week. Then pay for it with shooting pain.
     This morning I will get up and head to the Y, swim my 2 miles, lounge in the hot tub and then go on with my day. Because today this pain will not get the best of me, it will not win. I made plans to swim, the cool water is calling my name. I hear the lanes beckoning me, the need for solitude, the rhythm of the stroke. Just me, my goggles and my pink swim cap. Because today I am fierce and I win!!

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