All I Ever Wanted

When I went to College, I wanted to be a TV Broadcaster. My Major is in Corporate Communications, with a Minor in Finance to appease my Mom. So I could actually do something with that degree. I did an internship at ESPN back when it was first starting, it truly was an amazing place.  When I graduated in 1989…what seems like ages ago TV Broadcasters just starting out didn’t make enough to pay the rent. I had batted back the idea of being a lawyer so i took the LSAT entrance exam. To say that I bombed it would be the understatement of the century. Finally I admitted that the way for me to make a living was to do what my Mom wanted me to do.

I enrolled in Graduate school, and excelled, graduating at the top of my class. I have a MBA in Finance, and I am beginning to study for my CPA exams. My Mom always wanted me to be an Accountant, it just took me a little longer to get here.

I was never getting married, I was going to be perfectly fine single. I have been married almost 19 years. I never wanted children, I was going to be the career woman. I have 2 teen boys. This is how we get to all I ever wanted. If I was having children, I was going to have a nanny. I was going to go right back to work. I stayed home for 2 years with both of my boys. And yes I wanted girls. I wanted to have a house full of sparkly things and make up and shoes and heels and glitter.

Instead I have a house full of testosterone, baseball, football, sweaty sox, and raunchy jokes. I love my boys don’t get me wrong. They would do anything for their mom. They are glad to carry my groceries in and hang my pictures. As for making dinner without being prodded…well that is a work in progress. My oldest is more than happy to drive me anywhere, or anyone else anywhere in HIS car.!!! They are my world and now they are ALL I EVER WANTED


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