Just an Introduction

     A blog seems the best way…the best way to get it all out. Some people paint, others dance, others knit. I write!!!  The running joke in my family is “That I can’t define the word IT in under 10 pages”. It is completely true. I hold a MBA in Finance from RPI, I had to write a Master’s Thesis for graduation. The basic requirement was it had to be at least 85 pages, double pages and on a relevant business issue. My topic was Flexibility in The Work Force.
     My rough draft was 150 pages, well over the minimum 85 required pages, I figured I was good to go. Bigger is better and all that. My Thesis advisor was an elderly gentleman, somewhere in his mid to late 70’s. He returned my rough draft with minimal corrections, but a big sticky note on the front with this written on it.
    “Please pare down your thesis, to no more than 125 pages. I am old, and don’t want to die while reading yours.:)”
     He obviously did not subscribe to the bigger is better mindset. I pared my Thesis down to 124 pages. Handed it in, received an A+, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from RPI.


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