Field of Dreams

FCTS 2018 Eagles

Tonite was the FCTS Baseball Banquet, the cafeteria full of teenage boys and their families. The tables laden with potluck foods, soda, brownies, cookies and white chocolate lollipops in the shape of baseballs.

The varsity players came carrying a huge package covered in a sheet and placed it at the front of the room. Much like the elephant in the room, it was there, and I could see it. I didn’t know what was under it, but I had a pretty good idea that it was tear invoking.

Mr. Intensity

Then all the Varsity players were called to the front and my tears began. Goodness I am a human faucet, I can’t control the river of emotions that are running down my face.

Brian starts to talk about what a joy it was to coach Connor. How he loved the game, and just expected people to play it, be accountable and no excuses. How this team has faced adversity and yet they really have triumphed this year. They won their division and beat teams that Tech has normally been beaten by.

Then the sheet comes off and revealed is a gorgeous oak frame, handmade by Dakota Dean. Inside it is Connors #3 Jersey, tacked up on a blue FCTS background. Any thought I have of holding back the tears is long gone. Thank goodness for waterproof makeup, I am crying but there are no sounds. This is possibly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This jersey should be on Connors body, but it can’t be, won’t be ever again. These boys have made me a remembrance, a frame to hold his jersey forever for me. It may just be an oak box. But it holds the #3 and that is precious to me.

Gorgeous Frame made by Dakota

At the beginning of the season I had one request for these boys, to play this season for Connor. To play hard, and fierce and dedicated. With no excuses and no bullshit. I can truly say that they did it!! Sitting and watching them play this year was the closest thing to watching Connor on that field. The field that he loved, the game that he loved. His Field of Dreams.

Beautiful hit #3-2017 Season

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