Deja Vu

This week (the week of the month that contains the 17th) never gets easier. Yesterday was a rough day. It was all I could do to drag my butt out of bed. Finally after as much procrastination as I could get away with I finally moved.

It wasn’t until I was making my breakfast with the news in the background, and the date ran across the screen that I realized why I was in such a funk.

Today it is 6 months, 6 months since I made the hardest decision that any parent should ever have to. To turn off the machines and let Connor go. Knowing it was the right decision, does not make it any easier or change the outcome.

I know that I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. The hole in my heart hasn’t even begun to heal and I am unsure when or if that will ever happen. What I do know is that I am surrounded by friends, family and an awesome community that has embraced me since this tragedy turned my life on its head.

It truly takes a village, a village to raise a family, and the same village to help you heal when you lose a child. I thank every part of my village because without them I would not be able to handle this at all. I draw my strength from them and know that they are here whenever I need them❤️

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