Memories and Spirit

Connors friends and classmates never cease to amaze me. Since the first night of the accident, when my phone began to blow up. They all wanted to know if he was ok, and was there anything they could do. They organized donations at the school and have been beside us every step of the way.

These young men and women are hurting as much as Mark and I are. They lost a classmate, a friend, a teammate, and in the case of Jordan a boyfriend and soulmate. There hearts are broken, aching and hurting just like us. They don’t know how to process this anymore than we do, this is uncharted territory for all of us.

Two weeks ago was FCTS Junior / Senior Prom, an event that Connor and Jordan had looked forward to, but now something Jordan and I were dreading. She and I spent the day being pampered to try and block it out.

The Seniors had been planning, and need I say scheming to make sure Connor was at Prom in spirit. Krystal and Courtanie had the carpentry shop make this bat, CAD engraved the writing on it, and Courtanie painted the letters.

I got pictures of special couples holding the bat at prom. Pictures of friends of Connor and Jordan, smiling, but with melancholy looks in their eyes. But none are as special as this picture. This picture is Devon, Krystal and Kyle. All my Colrain kids from FCTS. The group that played ball together and hung together in elementary school. Showing me that he may not be there in body but definitely in spirit❤️

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