Hurdles and Dates

22 years ago I walked down the aisle, I was one of the last of my friends to take the plunge. I had sowed all my wild oats, earned 2 degrees and found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

I envisioned a life full of happiness, things would be easy. We would sail along into blissful love and marriage. Lol, then reality hit. Kyle was conceived on our honeymoon and the first year of wedded bliss was paired with morning sickness and pregnancy hormones. Kyle came screaming into the world in January and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in April of that same year.

Three years later Connor was born and our family was complete, I was a boy mom, I had always envisioned girls, and bows and dresses and lace. Instead I was surrounded by overalls and trucks and mud. I wouldn’t have traded a minute of that for anything.

Life doesn’t come with a manual, or if it does I didn’t get mine. I do know that I made some mistakes being a wife and a mom. Hell none of us are perfect. The June Cleaver era and doing housework in your pearls and heels went out a long time ago.

What I do know is that I wouldn’t change a minute of any of it, from the frogs in the laundry to the sleepless nights due to sickness, to the hours helping them work on projects or the countless field trips I chaperoned.

Tonight was the FCTS Junior/Senior Prom, just one more hurdle we have to get over. Jordan and I got massages and pedicures, wore our matching flip flops that Michelle Milton got us (they are awesome) and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening today.

In reality it was niggling in the back of my mind, just like always. But I was trying to focus on the good times, on all the fun he had, how he loved to dance and how he truly looked so handsome in his tux.

22 years, 2 boys, and 1 marriage later. Life doesn’t come with a manual, it’s a dance you learn as you go. And in my head I am dancing to his favorite music right now. Shall we line dance to the Cotton Eyed Joe anyone???

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