Good For The Soul

I have some amazing friends, the kind that will pick me up when I need it the most. The kind who will schedule a day with me to go to lunch. Make me laugh, listen to me cry, split an ultra hot appetizer of Firecracker Calamari with me (even though heat is not her thing.)

This particular friend has been in my life since we were in High School, we have moved far away at times. But thru the magic of technology we have kept in touch. I was there for her when her mom was sick, and ultimately cried when she passed on Christmas Day. I have watched her life change as she has grown and evolve. She is not only an awesome friend, she is a fantastic mother, and she adores her big dogs as much as I love mine.

A weekend in CT to see my parents is never complete without a visit with a Gina, whether it is quick drinks, lunch somewhere, or a night watching her karaoke. She has an amazing voice, and never fails to make me wish I could sing.

Midway through our lunch on Saturday she said “this will sound odd, but I was afraid you were going to be emaciated or 30 lbs over weight, because you weren’t taking care of yourself, I’m glad it was neither of those.” I said “well, I have gained 10 lbs that I just can’t get rid of, but I am not as disciplined as I was before.” To that she commented “It will go, but don’t beat yourself up about it.”

I have been worrying about it, but I just can’t stay on track, it doesn’t seem important at this time. What I do know, what is important is this: Friends are good for your soul. They nourish a part of you that food and drink can’t touch. Friends make you laugh, and cry, smile and scream. Experience every range of emotion that is possible. I don’t know what I would do without my friends. I am pretty sure I would be lost, in a sea of emotions that had no bottom. There is a reason we are not meant to be solitary beings. We are pack animals if you will, we need others like us. That celebrate our quirkiness and our eccentricities. Those are our tribesmen, I need my tribesmen or I wud go stark raving mad!!!❤️❤️💙😂🤗

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