The undeniable urge to choke the living s##t out of someone.  That has been my week,  between work,  getting ready for the holidays, trying to keep up with the social schedules of 2 teenage boys,  and family in general.  It is like my world is on fire and everywhere I go the extinguishers are all broken.


     I have spent the last 3 weeks putting out rhetorical fires.  Jumping from one crisis to the next.  I would be willing to admit it is why I either fall into bed exhausted at night or toss and turn running alternate scenarios in my head for hours.  Waking up more tired than when I went to bed. 
     Last night was my “see the light moment”  if you could call it that.  When I was getting my MBA and working full time,  and carrying on my long distance relationship with my husband (stress is not new to me). I would get these wild night terrors where I was being chased by a monster,  a big green scary looking monster.  This monster looked sort of like Sully from Monsters, Inc,  but not near as friendly.  The faster I ran the closer the thing got.


     Last night I had The Scary Green Monster Dream.  My body has drawn the line in the sand.  No more stress lady, figure it out.  So today I will breathe deep and ,  have some tea,  be a duck and let it roll off,  because the monster will not get me.


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