The 4 Letter Word is Hate


Every time there is a mass shooting,  either in the US or after the one in Paris.  The comments begin to fly about different religions and how they are responsible for the killing.  The most recent group to be blamed is “Muslims” and “ISIS”.  In the past few weeks it seems to have been “open season” on anyone that either is believed to be Muslim or of Middle Eastern decent. 
ISIS is a group of radicals that even Muslims are afraid of.  Don’t lump them together out of ignorance.


This type of finger pointing is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and his segregation, treatment and total annihilation of the Jewish people during World War II.  Hitler was trying to create a Master Race during his annihilation.  This time the segregation is brought about by fear.

Fear of people that don’t look like the rest of us.  Didn’t we learn our lesson with The Japanese Internment camps in the early 1940’s?  We are still feeling the effects of segregation and the African American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.


One of the Greatest Boxers in history was born with a name that few know him as.  Cassius Clay,  the name that he became famous under is his Muslim converted name,  Muhammed Ali.  Under this wave of fear of everyone that doesn’t look like The American Christian.  Muhammed Ali and his children would be removed from this country.  Hello,  he was born here and converted to The Nation of Islam. 

I ask you all,  to take a step back and look and think.  Since 911 the mass shootings in this country have been overwhelming committed by White Christians, Adam Lanza, Dylan Storm,  Elliot Rodgers,  Aaron Alexis,  James Holmes,  Scott Dekraai,  Jared Lee Loughner and the list goes on.  All we can focus on is the Santa Barbara killings committed by an American Citizen who converted to the Muslim faith and his wife who was a Pakistani National.  If we were to go by the facts and statistics we would be rounding up White American Christians and making them wear ID. 

What I ask for is common sense and empathy in this time of craziness.  It really is not too much to ask for.  Use your brains to think things through before you jump on the bandwagon of hate.


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