Everyone deals with grief in completely different ways.  I try to let it out so that it doesn’t eat me alive.  That being said, I cry like a big baby, mascara and eyeliner running down my face like a bad clown.  I know they make waterproof mascara,  but someone really needs to invent waterproof eyeliner,  could the big wigs at Maybelline get on that ASAP!!!
     Grief comes in different forms,  the sudden kind.. That just blows you away, you never saw it coming and now along with the grief you have to deal with the feeling of being blindsided by it. 
     The kind of grief that comes with a death from a long illness gives you time to prepare.  Although I am not sure you are ever really prepared for the hole that is now in your life.  The hole that is there where that person used to be. 
     The grief will diminish over time,  but it will never completely dissipate.  Just like the love you have for that person will never change. 
     I have learned to live with both kinds of grief in my lifetime.  I can’t tell you that either one is better than the other.  They both are heartbreaking.  But they are the price that comes with love,  and to have love in my life I will take that price.


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