Control,  it is a funny word.  We should all be in control of ourselves and our emotions,  but frankly sometimes we aren’t.  The problem comes when we try to exert that control over others,  and other situations.  Being called a “Control Freak”, it isn’t a good thing,  because trust me I am a  control freak in certain areas of my life.


     The ability to roll with the punches, or just go with it,  is something that took me years to learn.  Type A people don’t generally do those things well.  But if you want to coexist with your family members peacefully, as well as others in your community.  Sometimes you just have to take a step back,  be a Teflon Duck and just go with it. 
     All of the above things said there are just times that fighting for control is what is right.  Not over every little thing,  but over things that really matter.  In those cases,  make your decisions,  pick your battles and stand up for what you believe in.  Because a little bit of control can be a beautiful thing🌹


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