It should come as no surprise that women are catty to each other. We are back biting,  underhanded mean and downright nasty. When in all reality we should be holding each up but what what we are really doing is putting each other down every chance we get. We are the first to find fault in each other and ourselves we point out flaws  mercilessly. Whether it be weight, clothing styles, choice in partner,  the way others raise their children or educate them. It is all up for grabs.
     The movie “Mean Girls” personifies how we treat each other and it only gets worse with age. The popularity race intensifies and threatens to overtake our lives.  None of this behavior serves a purpose other than to make one lady feel better than someone else. It is adult bullying, plain and simple. We try to teach our children to be nice to everyone, but at the same time we are snickering about their friends mom’s behind their backs.
     How can we expect our daughters to behave any better, change their ways of we still act like spoiled children ourselves?



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