My best friend tagged me in a Huffington Post Column a few days ago. This is nothing new we tag each other all the time, but this column really hit home. It was  discussing how best friends who no longer live geographically close have changed their relationship. That is us in a nutshell, we met in college and by all rationalization we shouldn’t be friends at all. I am the analytical left brain, line things up so they make sense person. She is the emotion driven right brain lets talk this out person. Yet we clicked right from the first semester. Studying together, partying together, going to NYC together for New Years Eve (boy that was a night). She has helped me through more heartbreaks than I can remember, and the feeling is mutual. We know each other’s secrets, and will keep them forever. We lived together for a year after college and found that we are pretty good roommates too.


     We have been through weddings, a divorce, the births of my boys, she is the first person I called after both sets of parents when both of them were born. She is and always will be Aunt Kathy. When I moved 2 hours away I knew that the telephone would be our best friend and we would have to be diligent to keep our friendship afloat.
     With cell phones and Facebook and Twitter we are even better at staying in touch now. But truth be told nothing beats the mid week drinks after work just because I am gonna lose my mind and I need my BFF. Or lunch on the fly cause we both have a spare 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Now those things have to be planned way in advance, figure in 2 hours of travel time. But there is never a quiet second in that lunch or dinner, because we are both talking, catching up unleashing all the stored stuff since the last get together.
     Geographical distance may change our friendship, but the memories remain, and the reason as to why we are friends never will!


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