What Happens When The World Turns on You



      I have been watching the news reports for 2 days about The Duggars’.  Let me be upfront here, I am not a fan to begin with. The whole 19 kids, the fact they do a reality show, but don’t have a TV in the house, all of the kids are is homeschooled so that Jim Bob & Michele can control what they learn (ie more religion and less math and literature) They are proudly part of the ultra conservative religious right movement, and try to cram it down everyone else’s throat in a passive aggressive way.  All of those things grate on me, like sandpaper on sunburn.
     In their blog, which is as sickeningly sweet as the syrup used to make snow cones Michele claims that the family “is not part of the Quiverful Movement, ours is an Independent Baptist”. Semantics people, they sure sound the same to me.  She has the younger children and then the older ones raise them, because she is too busy probably from making the TV show that the children can’t watch, because TV isn’t good for you.
     Michelle and Jim Bob preach that persons that are LGBT are pedophiles and abusers of children. So that begs the question…”Is Josh gay?”  Under their preaching and religious beliefs he must be to do what he did. In their way of living their daughters don’t choose who they date on their own. Dad will pick who they date, their is no hand holding or kissing or anything before marriage. They obviously have very little to no sex education, so I understand the curiosity of young children. What I do not understand and can not condone is the way that his parents covered up the molestation.
     Shipping him off to work with a contractor as a form of therapy, not allowing him to return home until the statute of limitations was up. The only State Trooper that he spoke to about it is now serving 56 years for Child Pornography, that seems awful coincidental to me.
     I don’t want harm brought to the Duggars’, I just want them to come down on the high horse that they are on, and that is beginning to occur. Josh has resigned his position with The Family Research Council and “19 Kids and Counting”  has been cancelled by TLC.  What I want most of all will most likely never occur, for Josh’s victims (his sisters)  to get the counseling and help that the need to work through this.  We as viewers are only learning about this because a tabloid leaked it. That is the price that you pay for living in the fishbowl of fame. Ask Bill Clinton, Jimmy Swaggert or Tammy Faye Baker and they can tell you all about it.


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