I made a promise to myself and his teammates. A promise to attend each and every one of their home games this year. I sat in the cold, the rain, a little bit of warmth (there wasn’t much of it this year.)

Through amazing wins and crushing losses, watching them play their hearts out. At each home game seeing Connor’s bat bag hanging on the fence, along with his #3 FCTS Jersey. Both of those things made me proud, but I won’t lie to you, they also made tears sting my eyes, sometimes flood my eyes and sometimes roll down my cheeks.

But I kept that promise, I kept it because spring would not be spring in my life without baseball, and I have known some of these teammates since Connor played Rec Ball. These boys are part of my history, Connor’s history of baseball.

These boys have been through more than most kids their age this year. They are strong and they are tough. Stronger than they should have to be, stronger than any teenage boys should have to be. I wish that none of had to be this strong.

I am proud of them, proud of how they have navigated these uncharted waters. No one asked for this, none of us expected or knew how to deal with this. We just did the best we could, and played the hand we were dealt.

Tonight they played their first and last playoff game against the Mt. Everett Eagles of Sheffield, MA. They lost 4-2. They played a good game, a hard game, full of heart and soul. They left everything on the field. I can’t ask anything more of them, ever!! 7 innings later, Poof, the promise I made is fulfilled . The season is over and we all of us can say we did it


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