The phrase that “No man is an island” sprung to mind recently. I think that social media has made us a very judgmental society. Used to be that we had a core group of friends, mostly people that lived in our neighborhood, or at least in the same telephone area code. 

Now our circle has widened, to across the country and even around the world. With that widening comes the thinking that everyone must share the same thoughts, ideals and values.

That just isn’t true, and it is that thinking that makes many of us thing that we are an island. But not an enjoyable one, that consists of sun, sand, palm trees, cabana boys and drinks with little umbrellas.

The island that we end up on one is an island full of all of our emotions, whirling around us, like rain and snow. With a rocky shore and pounding surf, in effect keeping all others away. 

Social media can be a wonderful thing, but it can also turn on you in an instant. It can be an angel on one side of the coin and the other side holds a barbed devil. The only way to keep this devil at bay is to embrace the sand and palm trees, dance with the cabana boys and enjoy those fruity umbrella drinks. If you allow the driving rain and snow to take hold that rocky shore will take over, and that isolation will envelop you and the devil comes barbs and all.

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