I was diagnosed with a “Frozen Shoulder” about 6 weeks ago. Knows in medical lingo as Adhesive Capulitis. Truth is that I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago, but I have been suffering with this debilitating pain since November of 2016. I just assumed (wrongly) that I had pulled a muscle or just tweaked something and it wud resolve itself.

I tried RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Although it is a little difficult to elevate your shoulder. But I successfully did everything else. With really no success, but I kept trying, refusing to give into the pain. 

Finally I went to the doctor at the beginning of January and was diagnosed with Bursitis of the shoulder joint, prescribed Naproxen and told to rest the joint as much as possible. It did nothing, but make my stomach unhappy. 

After the Naproxen was gone, I used OTC NSAID’S and still no change. Finally 6 weeks I made another appointment. This time for a cortisone shot. This time my PCP diagnosed it as Frozen Shoulder, gave me the Cortisone Shot and sent me on my way.

The shot helped for abt 2 weeks. And now the pain is back with a vengeance. I have done my research, and the general consensus is that you just have to let this awful thing run its course. Ice works great, sometimes Cortisone shots do, Manipulation under Anesthesia, Hydrdialation. Have all been thrown about as options, but mostly it is just wait.

Waiting is something I am not good at, I want to snap my fingers and wake up with it gone, but the chances of that seem pretty slim.

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