My How Things Have Changed


This morning it is -4, better known as bone chilling ass freezing cold. In my book anything under 20*F is just COLD, once it gets that cold I stop paying attention. I have seriously begun to consider that New England is not the place for me to live. But that is not what this entry is about, it is about the fact that a -4 temperature on the thermometer results in either a 2 hour delay or a school closing. Really??? I will admit I am 48 years old, so it has been years since I was in elementary or high school. But I do have a child on there now and friends with kids there too.



When I was in school, ages ago, before TV and modern conveniences as my kids will say. When winter came things were different, you bundled up to WALK to the bus stop. Hank Quinlon drove that yellow Dufour School bus to the stop and you got on. You found a seat and sat down for the duration of the trip.  School was delayed if there was over 10″ of snow or a crap ton of ice. 3″ of snow didn’t even warrant a thought, and early dismissals for snow were downright unheard of. They had us there and we were there until the day was over. We are New Englanders, hold my coffee, while I navigate this snow drift, was the common thought, and still is for many of us.


We knew what hats, gloves, mittens and scarves were. Heavy jackets and snow pants till we looked like the bundled up Michelin Man.  Boots and ugh those liners made of Wonder Bread bags to keep your feet warm and dry. We may not have liked it, but we endured it, and I think it made us hearty souls.  Something that I am not sure that this generation is learning with late openings for cold and 3″ of snow. I just wish they were a little more like us.



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