Live to Eat



     Oh that is so me,  from the time my feet hit the floor in the morning I am figuring out what I am having for breakfast,  then on to lunch  and dinner, with a few well placed snacks tossed in and depending on my mood maybe even some chocolate.  I can’t fathom people who just eat for pure sustenance and not for the enjoyment of food and people that “forget to eat”?  That is something I could never do anymore than I could forget to breathe. I am a Foodie,  pure and simple,  I love to cook, saute,  sear,  fry,  bake,  steam,  poach,  you name it,  I will try it!!!
     I have my list of favorite foods,  seafood,  pasta (you might think I was Italian not Irish) a good beef tenderloin,  a great steak,  Eggs Benedict,  and crusty bread.  And not much beats a fantastic rare burger with lettuce,  tomato,  mayo and some ketchup.  Cheesecake,  either plain or flavored,  good decadent chocolate cake with chocolate frosting tops the dessert list.  Who am I kidding if it is chocolate it tops the dessert list.
     All of these reasons are why I constantly fight the “Battle of The Bulge”  on a daily basis,  as a good friend of mine has been known to say.  “I can do some serious damage with a  fork”, that is why I have resigned myself to love my curves and love the gym.  Together we can make my love of food and the knowledge that I live to eat, not eat to live work.



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