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Australia Gun Control

I am truly at a loss, the 2nd Ammendment guarantees us “the right to bear arms”.  As an American Citizen the Bill of Rights is the foundation on which this country is built.  To pull that brick out would be detrimental to how our freedoms are structured.  On the other hand the mass killings need to be halted.
I live in an area of the country where every “backwoods good ole boy”  has a shotgun to shoot deer, Turkey, moose and any other 4 legged furry meat wielding creature.   Half of my work crew took days off this week so they could stalk deer because Shotgun season started on Monday.  This argument and therefore this blog is gonna go over like the proverbial fart in church with them.

I am done sugar coating it for them.  You don’t need an assault rifle to kill a deer with,  if you do, the deer will be splattered all over the woods.  I think it would be safe to say it is hard to pick the most off the trees to eat it.

Enough of the guns,  how many people need to die before the message is delivered loud and clear?  Without guns these mass murders will be much smaller and less noteworthy.  Picture a nut with a baseball bat,  or a knife.  He or she would would be taken down much quicker.  Stop the political pandering and the bowing to the NRA to make everyone happy.  The fear that chipping away at the 2nd Ammendment will change the way of the world.
Something has to change,  I am tired of being afraid,  afraid of what will set the nut off today.  When the mass shootings are outnumbered by the days of the year.  We have a problem,  are we gonna face it,  and deal with it?  Or keep talking about it? Talking won’t fix it,  but action sure as hell will!!!

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