Messed Up Holiday

     Thanksgiving is the holiday of family and togetherness.  No gifts exchanged, just good food, good friends and good times.  For me this year it was not to be. 


     I woke up at 1 am Thursday morning with the most intense stomach pain, coupled with shivering and shaking.  By 7 am I had made more trips to the bathroom than I have counting appendages.  I had finally come to the conclusion that me riding 2.5 hrs to Connecticut was not feasible. 

     After discussing our options with my husband,  we decided that  they would go to my parents without me, taking the Broccoli Casserole and Apple Spice Cake with them. 

     I shipped my family off, took some tylenol and went back to bed.  I slept my day away,  wishing I was in Connecticut with my family but glad that I wasn’t spreading this crud any farther.
     By 7pm they were home with leftovers in tow and this morning has dawned with me 9lbs lighter,   not the way I wud have planned to lose it,  but oh well.


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