The “Other Woman” in My Husband’s Life



  Now before all of you get all wound up with your panties in a knot over the title and tell me that no one should stand for infidelity. Let me clarify that, the other woman in my husband’s life is a Carquest Store. He sells auto parts, and has for about 36 years, first for his Uncle in a family owned 3 store chain. In July of 2014 that chain was purchased by an independent Carquest Auto Parts Chain.
     That is when things began to change drastically. He works 60+  hours a week, works every Saturday and no amount of whining and screaming on my part will change that. He loves his new boss, and to be fair and honest I like the guy too. I also think his wife is fantastic. But I also want my husband back. I don’t want to have to schedule my life around Carquest.
     A Good Morning, I love you text doesn’t fix it, and even that is absent now. His cell phone is broken and he hasn’t figured out the time to get a new one yet.
     I just want a man who knows how to balance work and family. One who knows that no one ever said “I should have spent more time at work”. Someone who makes time to take their wife to the ER when she has pneumonia, not send her with the 18 year old, because he has to work.  Someone who puts her first, because he knows it is the right thing to do and because he loves her. Not because he knows she will pitch a fit if she hears the word Carquest again.
     Our kids want a summer vacation, but they are realists, they know their Dad wont take time away. So guess what?  This year is the year that Mom says, I will take you to the beach…if he comes he does, and if he chooses to work…so be it!!!


One thought on “The “Other Woman” in My Husband’s Life

  1. I am one of those people who struggle with work/ life balance. I used to miss every thing!!! I had to work. Balancing home life and work life- especially when you feel like you are needed at work is so hard. However, I must admit… I like life more now that I am developing more outside interests.


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