Roasted Groundhog



Now comes the time of year in New England that some of us have reached our tolerance. Our tolerance of snow, each other, of the cold, of being trapped inside constantly (or cabin fever as it is correctly called). The tolerance for cleaning up after Mother Nature’s constant dumpage, whether it be snow, ice, sleet, or any combination of the above. By now only children like snow days, and especially High School Seniors, because at least in my state they don’t have to make the days up. The rest of us parents are done with them.
     The 5:15 am wake-up call to tell me that school is cancelled means I can look out the window, roll over and make the decision whether I want to risk life and limb to get to work. Usually the answer is no. So that call is followed by a text to my poor boss telling him that I am now screwing up his schedule too.
    4 days ago the infamous groundhog known to all as Puxatawny Phil informed us all, much to the chagrin of irritable and cold New Englanders that there would be 6 more weeks of winter. Well we all know by the calendar he is correct. What I would like to know is how he knows that?  There was no sun on Groundhog Day in Puxatawny Pennsylvania, how could the meteorological rodent have seen his shadow?
     In my personal opinion the little guy is in cahoots with Mother Nature this year, trying to extend this winter forever!! I live in an area that is forecasted to get another 2 feet of the white stuff by Tuesday. If I could get my hands on that Groundhog he would be toast.!!!


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